“That little shrub”: Why I’ll never go back to being someone else.

Huhu, I love mysterious titles. Those of you who are familiar with HBO’s TV show “John Adams”, and paid attention might recognize these words: “that little shrub”. Well, it might be what John Adams actually said once, I’m not sure, but they’ve put it in the TV show anyway. And these words, in their proper context, were one of the most relatable, and therefore important for me.


At one point in the series, John Adams, an old man now,  enjoys his final years. One day, he goes on another of his many walks. This time with his son. In an attempt to share the valuable knowledge of life that he has learned himself, he gives a monologue, the conclusion of which goes like this:

I have seen a queen of France with 18 million livres of diamonds on her person, but I declare that all the charms of her face and figure added to all the glitter of her jewels did not impress me as much as that little shrub right there. Now your mother always said that I never delighted enough in the mundane, but now I find that if I look at even the smallest thing my imagination begins to roam the milky way!

“John Adams”, HBO.

Now, I’ve talked about appreciating the common before. I just couldn’t express my exact feelings about this the way it’s expressed in that quote. And this is a huge deal for me, finding a quote like that. Because I’ve watched that scene and read this words only after I realized how much I adore the common, the simple, the regular. I’ve stated before, that one of the hopes I have for this blog, is to find people who think like me about certain things. And I wanted to do so without risking sharing my weird, or at least unusual thoughts with people who might not think like me, where the situation might get uncomfortable for both of us. I’ve explained, that because of my disasterous last couple of years, I don’t know if these thoughts are really something to keep inside, or if they’re common at least to some extent, and just not talked about that often. It looks like I have my answer, or a part of it.

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Music: Solar Wind

New track! 

A calm, peaceful one. More “sound” than “song”. I like to imagine this sounds like the solar wind blowing gently in your face feels. I hope I caught that.

No lyrics.

This is the last “music post” before the next “thought post”. Thank you for your patience, my seven followers.

-Calmest Waters

Music: Rose of Alabamy

New, “old” track on my soundcloud! This time, an instrumental cover of one of the most beautiful and famous songs of its era, “Rose of Alabamy”!

Away from Mississippi’s vale
With my ole hat there for a sail
I crossed upon a cotton bale
To the Rose of Alabamy.
Oh brown Rosey,
Rose of Alabamy,
The sweet tobacco posey
Is the Rose of Alabamy.

The river rolled, the crickets sang,
The lightnin’ bug he flashed his wing,
And like a rope my arms I fling
‘Round Rose of Alabamy.
Oh, brown Rosey,
Rose of Alabamy,
The sweet tobacco posey
Is the Rose of Alabamy.

So fare thee well, lil’ Liza Jane,
And fare thee, ye belles of fame,
For all your charms are put to shame
By the Rose of Alabamy.
Oh, brown Rosey,
Rose of Alabamy,
The sweet tobacco posey
Is the Rose of Alabamy.

Silas S. Steele, 1846

Amazing melody and cheerful lyrics. What’s not to love?

This is my little cover, again without vocals.

Next week or two will be really busy for me, so I’ll probably stick to posting music until I’m done with them.

I hope you enjoy!

-Calmest Waters

Maintenance: new background photo, new categories of posts.

A couple of quick points just so I can keep all of my 7 followers updated. 


I changed the background photo on account of summer being officially underway. I thought I’d have a new photo every next season, it’s a nice little detail to keep things fresh I think.

Now, I started posting music some time ago, what is this all about. Well, making music is my hobby and so far the best way I know to express myself. I had a Soundcloud account before which is now closed, and I’ll be succesfully re-uploading my favourite tracks of mine, as well as new ones to my Calmest Waters account. Some are just instrumental melodies, others full songs, however without the vocals recorded, because I’m not much of a singer. I hope you’ll enjoy.

And once again, this time offically I want to announce that I’ll decided to share posts of my life events too, like a regular blogger, no longer stick to just more or less random thoughts. The decision is a result of me enjoying this whole thing more than I thought I will, and the excitement that comes from it gives me ideas and power to expand my blog that way.

I want to thank everyone who contributed one way or another, especially David Snape, who is a fantastic guy. You should check out his amazing blog right away.

It’s not that many of us here, but I’m just happy someone enjoys and even relates to my writing.

Have a great day!

-Calmest Waters

Music: Silver Lights

Yet another track uploaded to my Soundcloud account!

“There’s this brook running through the forest not far from where I live. And just as it’s about to leave the woods and enter the open fields, there is an old weeping willow growing at the edge of the solid ground, leaning over the stream, which in the early days of every summer gets more aggressive for a couple of weeks. And when the Moon is out, and it lights up the branches and the leaves of the willow dancing on wind, what appears on the running water is a festival of silver lights. It’s the most mesmerizing, and at the same time refreshing thing I know. Just to watch it happen, every night when the Moon is up and placed right. So small and yet so spectacular. Feels almost wrong to keep this perfect show just for myself.”

An excerpt from The Blue Night. I’m quoting myself now, this is who I am.


No lyrics for this one. I hope you’ll enjoy!

-Calmest Waters

P.S. Spoiler alert! These music posts won’t end anytime soon…

Music: Sunken

Another track on my Soundcloud account!

I hoped for Sunken to give these vibes of diving, peaceful floating underwater, with bubbles ascending around you and the marine life doing its thing. This dance to a muffled melody in its weird way resembles flight, so I tried to make it light, weightless, but at the same time I wanted to make sure that the pressure of the water remains detectable.

No lyrics for this one.

Hope you enjoy!

-Calmest Waters

The Highways

I’ve covered trains, I believe. Let’s drop them for a couple of weeks. Time to target something I love just as much: highways. Where the whole universe suddenly shrinks down to however wide the road and the visible landscape around is, so that you can be sure you’re focusing on the right things.

highway 1.jpg

Got those highway blues, can’t you hear my motor runnin’
Flyin’ down the road with my foot on the floor
All the way in town they can hear me comin’
Ford’s about to drop, she won’t do no more

This wonderful verse comes from Doobie Brothers’ song “Rockin’ down the highway”, for those of you who didn’t know. There hasn’t been a personal playlist that I made which didn’t include this song since 2004. It’s powerful, energizing, melodically perfect, and of course – close to my heart. Not so much because, as it is later told in the song, I have a history of the police chasing me, nor do I burn my Ford’s engine on a regular basis. To be honest, I don’t even drive a Ford. But we agree on something that is important enough to make me and the Doobie Brothers brothers: my God, aren’t highways just… perfect?

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Visiting Home

I had the opportunity to travel a bit the last couple of days. I had a great time altogether, I’m really well rested and ready for what looks like the most important two weeks of my life so far.


I thought I’ll do something different this time. I share my thoughts like promised, and already expanded on that idea, and started posting songs I wrote. Now I decided to share bits from my life, big things that are happening to me, or just things I hope people would find as interesting as I do.

The point of this is to make you, and myself in the process understand how the most common things can be enjoyed. How everyday things are an amazing experience just because they went right. This philosophy of mine is something that I noticed about myself sometime ago, and I hope there are people who feel this way too. Here I go.

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My summer home. The Beautiful Nowhere.

I’ve mentioned my summer home a couple of times before. As you can imagine, it’s a place where I live most of my summer (most of my summers). I’ve been living here over eight years now, at first for the entire year, nowadays just the summers. It’s not only a beautiful and magical place, but an important one too, for me that is.

Summer Home 1

I was born in a small city. Wasn’t special at all, neither objectively nor subjectively, to be honest, it’s sometimes disturbing, thinking how irrelevant this city is to me today, considering how much I’m affected by my current homes. No valuable memories from there, good or bad. It’s always fun to visit, and I do that fairly often, but I don’t really think of it as of my “home”. I stopped doing that the moment I moved to that new house, in the province of a province. Forests, fields and lakes away from the closest city, but still close enough to the civilization to enjoy all the benefits that the XXI century guarantees. House, that I helped build with my own hands. Literally. God knows how many days I spent on the construction site. Apart from my obvious excitement whenever we as a family went out of town for a day when I was a kid, that was my contribution to creating our new home. The family legend says, that my parents, who loved living in a city before, decided that they want to move to the country only after my brother’s constant crying back when he was a toddler forced them to take long car rides across the neighboring villages, because that seemed to be the only thing that could make him fall asleep. So I suppose we both contributed to moving to the Beautiful Nowhere in our own way.

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