Visiting Home

I had the opportunity to travel a bit the last couple of days. I had a great time altogether, I’m really well rested and ready for what looks like the most important two weeks of my life so far.


I thought I’ll do something different this time. I share my thoughts like promised, and already expanded on that idea, and started posting songs I wrote. Now I decided to share bits from my life, big things that are happening to me, or just things I hope people would find as interesting as I do.

The point of this is to make you, and myself in the process understand how the most common things can be enjoyed. How everyday things are an amazing experience just because they went right. This philosophy of mine is something that I noticed about myself sometime ago, and I hope there are people who feel this way too. Here I go.

First, a pleasantly long train ride. My favourite line connecting my home for-the-rest-of-the-year with my summer home via the city where most of the other passengers end their journey and leave the compartment for me. I’ve explained why I’m never bored on trains, so if you wonder why I refer to long train rides as something pleasant, and the weirdness of that fact is too much for you to continue, you’re welcome to be the second person who read the trains post. For the rest of you, especially those who enjoy train rides or any long trips for that matter, know this: there’s a great line, five hours of riding, with hills, grasslands, lakes, forests and cities along the way , which I get to enjoy regularly. If you want me to take you there, hit me up.

IMAG1716 (0-00-00-00).jpg

Living where I live, you’re used to troubles when in train. Delays are common, I’m not even counting those. But other distractions, like breaks literally not working anymore, a missing car, that was supposed to arrive but didn’t (long story), crossovers refusing to cooperate, you know, distractions, that prevent you from enjoying the ride. But this time it was perfect, and trust me, it’s such a rare occurance that I want to write this down. I just boarded the train, having eaten dinner at the station, found my compartment and enjoyed the trip, like a normal person in a normal country. Five hours later, I was in my summer home.

This was the longest I spent here since Christmas, four days and nights, and I enjoyed all of it. I had to clear my head, so my choice of relaxing was a road trip around the area with a custom made CD. Wonderful day that was.


Just look at this alley. So nice, simply nice. And then there’s the lake at the end, not sure if you can see this. It’s like they are giving off a positive energy that you can tap to and make your day better, places like this. So that’s for day one.

Now day two was an exciting one too, because I put my memory of the local official and unofficial cycling roads to the test. Remember the cycling paradise I talked about? I missed it so much. The whole day of revisiting this paths was worth the muscle cramps.

IMG_20160728_191112 (0-00-00-00).jpg

Tell me this isn’t beautiful? This low-quality, poorly framed photo of what is mostly just sun will have to be enough to remind me of the joy and energy coming from exploring the already well-known and travelled area by an old bicycle with not the most reliable breakes. It’s going to be hard, but it’s just two more weeks… Well, I don’t want to make any promises, but I have a special adventure in mind, which may or may not include a bike, a tent and a lot of beers.

Now get ready for this. Think of all the things I mentioned I enjoy. Train rides, the car rides, the bike rides. The nature, I believe, I also mentioned before. If only there was something that combines riding through the nature with something useful, like manual work in the garden… Hold on, there is! Introducing The Prometheus, my favourite/only riding lawn mower.


You might think that enjoying rides on that thing is the weirdest thing I’ve said so far, but you are, my friend, very wrong. I can also deduce, that you never had the opportunity to mount a monster like that. Seriously, to be honest, this is surprisingly fun. It’s fast enough to avoid boredom, slow enough to do other things while driving. Headphones, a cold one, sunglasses, and you feel like the king of the world while still being helpful and taking care of the grass. This generally  has been a day of work, as in in the garden, in the house, the deck. And another great day of my visit there. If you do the things you like, work can be an effective way of relaxing, I discovered.

Day four, a rainy one. Not much to do. An attempt at going for a bike ride was a disaster. The weather was merciless. So I did some more work, some more preparation for the important next two weeks, some chores in the city. The day went by calmly, in the end, as it ultimately should, so no worries.


Late evening, the clouds started to clear, and by 11 p.m. we had a beautiful, starry sky. An opportunity far too good to pass up.

About 1 a.m. we set up the camera and took some of the greatest photos of the night sky we ever took. And we try to take many.


Now, I didn’t say we’re good at it, just that we’re passionate about it. And there’s this satisfaction coming from taking a good photo, especially of something that isn’t as easy to capture, like the stars, when you don’t live in the desert. We were close enough as it turned out, as the photos are really something, for us that is. You can see the Big Dipper clearly, right? I’ll be insulted if you say you don’t.

Next morning was dedicated to packing up, and by 3 p.m. I was gone, en route to my other home. First hour – car ride. Using my last chance to relax, to store the feelings my summer home managed to create for me during my short visit there to tap to them later.


That’s one of my favourite roads, by the way. Reminds me of something, but I can’t tell exactly of what. Lots and lots of beautiful spots all around. Again, call me if that looks like a road you want to travel. If you don’t get what is so amazing about it, I’m sorry, I realize this must be difficult for you.

Anyway, five hours and I’m back here. I’ll talk about this place, for sure. But I’ll do that when I’ll start to miss it, later in the summer I think. The summer, which I’ll spend on mowing the lawn, riding my bike to the same places and back again, exploring the country for the hundredth time from my car, look at the stars if the weather allows it. And I honestly can’t wait. But for now, the big city, the mission I have to complete, and the two more weeks of solitude are what’s in store for me.

-Calmest Waters


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