Music: Silver Lights

Yet another track uploaded to my Soundcloud account!

“There’s this brook running through the forest not far from where I live. And just as it’s about to leave the woods and enter the open fields, there is an old weeping willow growing at the edge of the solid ground, leaning over the stream, which in the early days of every summer gets more aggressive for a couple of weeks. And when the Moon is out, and it lights up the branches and the leaves of the willow dancing on wind, what appears on the running water is a festival of silver lights. It’s the most mesmerizing, and at the same time refreshing thing I know. Just to watch it happen, every night when the Moon is up and placed right. So small and yet so spectacular. Feels almost wrong to keep this perfect show just for myself.”

An excerpt from The Blue Night. I’m quoting myself now, this is who I am.


No lyrics for this one. I hope you’ll enjoy!

-Calmest Waters

P.S. Spoiler alert! These music posts won’t end anytime soon…


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