Maintenance: new background photo, new categories of posts.

A couple of quick points just so I can keep all of my 7 followers updated. 


I changed the background photo on account of summer being officially underway. I thought I’d have a new photo every next season, it’s a nice little detail to keep things fresh I think.

Now, I started posting music some time ago, what is this all about. Well, making music is my hobby and so far the best way I know to express myself. I had a Soundcloud account before which is now closed, and I’ll be succesfully re-uploading my favourite tracks of mine, as well as new ones to my Calmest Waters account. Some are just instrumental melodies, others full songs, however without the vocals recorded, because I’m not much of a singer. I hope you’ll enjoy.

And once again, this time offically I want to announce that I’ll decided to share posts of my life events too, like a regular blogger, no longer stick to just more or less random thoughts. The decision is a result of me enjoying this whole thing more than I thought I will, and the excitement that comes from it gives me ideas and power to expand my blog that way.

I want to thank everyone who contributed one way or another, especially David Snape, who is a fantastic guy. You should check out his amazing blog right away.

It’s not that many of us here, but I’m just happy someone enjoys and even relates to my writing.

Have a great day!

-Calmest Waters


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