Rain in june.

It’s been a particularly rainy june this year, and not that it’s not lovely, the warm rain and everything, but enough is enough. So, call it “wishful thinking”, but with this post I’m officially saying “goodbye and fare thee well” to the rains of this summer, and by doing so, letting the universe know that it’s time to change the aura, and I expect the universe to accept these terms.

Let’s start with the music:

The very first version of this track was actually created years ago, but the prototype has been abandoned for some time, and after being re-done last month, it works perfectly here. As you’ll see for yourself while listening to the track, it’s meant for rainy days, but the “good”, the “world smells like it’s been washed clean and the whole world is a jungle” kind of rain, at least preferably. I hope you can “hear” the raindrops crashing into puddles, “see” the gentle mist around you, blurring the horizon, and “feel” the chill, when the otherwise hot summer day turns dark, and the world is suddenly cooled down by the falling water.

How can you not love the rain?

Granted, it’s easy to talk about the beauty and the benefits of a rainy weather from your room, sitting at your desk. But the thing about rain is, even the qualities that often make it uncomfortable or problematic, are on other occasions, one of its strengths. It’s not a nice experience to get all wet and subsequently cold when you’re just trying to get through the workday, but the same refreshment that getting soaked provides can be a salvation on a hot july day of working in your garden. The puddles, the wet roads, all can be a pain, but the same water re-starts all the green of this world. And we all know, even if we could survive without the plants, what sort of life it would be? The world without nature’s best would be unbearable for those of us who only thrive when the world is green enough.

And this june, after a terribly hot may, started out as a nice, and expected relief. Especially since we’re not talking about an overwhelming about of rain. Just the refreshing spring drizzle, which, you know, appears every now and again, comes and goes a couple of times for two to four days, and then you get to appreciate the sun again. It’s the natural cycle of the april to october period. You even start getting excited when the first warmer rains start to appear. The first strom of the season is always an intense experience for me, too. But like I said, enough is enough.

So from this place, I want to thank june, and it’s guest star, the rain, for their incredible performance this year, and I congratulate them on the job well done. Some of you I’ll see again in a year. Well, eleven months to be precise. Some of you, I hope to see, I don’t know, in a month, month and a half. I’m looking at you, rain.

So. Goodbye, and fare thee well, my friends!

-Calmest Waters







2 thoughts on “Rain in june.

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