And so the summer begins.

The two most intense weeks of my life *technically* came to an end. And with that, I was finally free to move back into my summer home, and enjoy all the opportunities it presents, which I immediately started doing, as you can imagine.



Revisiting the old biking roads, and exploring some new ones is what I’ve been doing the last couple of days. Haven’t got the time to do much biking just yet, but I like to think I had an honest and ambitious beginning of the season.

Last year, it was corn, of all crops, that dominated the local fields. I don’t know much about farming, but I know it’s  a wrong move to plant corn multiple years in a row on the same field, as the corn somehow damages or “drains” the ground. I mean, it’s doable, but if you can diversify your crops, then that’s what I should do. So this year, it’s wheat and barley. Which shouldn’t matter, but honestly, corn fields just look “cooler”. Corn fields make you wanna listen to John Fogerty’s “Hot Rod Heart”, while barley, wheat and their alikes, well, best you can do is Sting’s “Fields of Gold”. Which is still okay, but different. Not necessarily worse by definition, but I think objectively less exciting.


Anyway, there is only so much variety in the landscape where I live, and it’s not as exciting for most people to see virtually the same things, just in different light and from different angle, as it is for me. But make no mistake, this will not stop me from posting more of these:


Because it’s so exciting in its regularity. The view, I mean. Just a hill, just a road cutting through grasslands. But it’s a privilege to ride through these fields without worries, at least immediate ones. Just enjoying the beautiful day in the open like that, wonderful experience, each and every time.

Now I *should* have my camera, the proper camera, back soon, so who knows, maybe the next photos I’ll share with you will be of a decent quality.

In the mean time, check this out:


Same place, different angle. Equally mesmerizing. I’m not going to apologize for being in love with the most regular places. But I know how weird, or at the very least confusing this sounds. This admiration, excitement. It’s as difficult to understand in itself as it is to explain it. But it is a wonderful feeling, let me tell you. And I hope you will all find this feeling one day. If it’s not the time for you yet, it’s okay. I myself have only discovered it fairly recently. And not before hitting rock bottom. But I am a happy man now. The happiest I’ve ever been. So let me enjoy these grasslands, and the roads that cut through them.


-Calmest Waters


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