Local adventure continues.

Couldn’t contain myself, and set off for another trip today. As usual, not going to apologize for always travelling the same routes, nor am I going to be sorry for posting boring photos. Just, FYI.


As mentioned before, biking roads in my area are wonderful, and they create sort of a web, where you can get the same place each day for a year, and via different road every time. An opportunity I can’t help but abuse.

For today, I chose a path which I haven’t really travelled before. Some parts of it, but not the whole thing. And it was mostly a success, beautiful sights were identified, located and cataloged, both relaxing and more challenging routes were discovered, so it’s a win in my book.


Still, couldn’t jump start that “it’s summer” feeling I was aiming for. It’s already the coldest july I remember, so there’s that, but I was hoping to get myself into that state of relaxation I’ve mentioned a couple of times before. I remember it starting about the time the summer starts from the past, but so far nothing. I’m still mentally in this weird state where I “wait for” or “expect” the summer to kick in, and it will happen soon. Well,it’s here, so what’s going on?

In the meantime, check out this beauty:


Like I said, it’s wheat and barley everywhere this year. I expected that of course, you could say I took necessary precautions. On a map of the area, I’ve located spots where it’s possible for corn to be grown this year. Not that I’m this desperate to see some corn, it’s just that sometimes I have the urge, the humor to ride a bike through a corn field, so I wanted to prepare. And who’d knew, I did find the first cornfield of the summer:


Not as spectacular as it could be, and there doesn’t seem to be any road cutting through the field, but I think finding the field is a good sign in itself. It means there can be more in the area. This one was the only one I’ve found today, though.

It’s really hard to say how much distance I cover a day. I often turn back in the middle of the road, make loops, cut through forests. Today I believe it was about 35 kilometers total. I make 10 when I’m tired or otherwise limited, up to 45. That’s for a usual day. Sometimes longer trips happen, but not as often as I’d hope. But I don’t consider myself a cyclist as much as a wanderer, and the bike just helps get around. It’s never about getting somewhere specific, it’s about, you know, stopping when you see something nice, something you feel the need to stop by. We’ve talked about this.


Another exciting day for me. I wouldn’t mind if that’s how the rest of the holidays looked like, to be honest. That is, if I find any more cornfields, of course.


-Calmest Waters


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