The second cornfield located.

You know, this is slowly starting to turn into a biking blog… July 6th has offered us more sun and heat than we could hope so it would be a crime not to go for another ride. A path of approximately 30km was devised, and I set off.


It was truly a summer day, and not just in name like the previous releases of this July disaster. Weather-wise, that is.

First and foremost, important update: a second cornfield has been located. Surprisingly, a year ago the same field was a host to corn, so there goes my theory of “corn can’t be grown on the same field two years in a row”.

It’s a beautiful place, vast open fields with corn on one side and the inferior, less exciting wheat on the other. And there’s the bike-friendly dust road cutting through the plains, so it’s a great place to go for a ride. Plus, as you can see, there’s a modest windmill farm in the horizon, which only adds to the experience.


The area I visited today is really peculiar. And by that I mean it stands out from the surrounding counties. Especially when it comes to the design of houses and farms. I’m not entirely sure why, but it looks like it avoided all “overhauls” which sooner or later happened in all local villages, be it by the hand of invading forces, communists or else. It’s a mix of the old, original architecture, and modern design.

It has its own climate, nothing that extraordinary, but it presents a really nice diversity, adds to the overall “taste” of the area.


Trying to catch as much sun as possible, I chose to avoid roads through forests. I figured in time I’ll get sick of the heat, and then it will be the perfect time to explore the shaded routes through the woods.

For the moment, however, I’m looking into roads through fields and grasslands. Soon the harvesting season will come, and the crops, especially wheat and barley, will be no more. You know I have mixed feelings about the golden crops, and that corn is my crop of choice, but still, I’ll take wheat and barley over bald, plowed field anytime.


So I’ll try to do as much biking as possible, explore as many fields as possible. I’m still determined to locate more cornfields, as they last longer than wheat and barley and can be useful when the summer will be coming to an end, and I’ll be desperate to keep the feeling of summer relaxation inside.

So for the road home, I chose a path which I’ve never traveled before. A really pretty one, as it turned out. No corn, but otherwise excellent. It was about then my camera refused to work with me, and the focus was even worse than usual.


So that was July 6th for me. The afternoon of it, at least. Now it’s time for a short break in rides, as the next few days will be rather intense for me. I have some posts (almost) ready to be published, so who knows, maybe that’s what I’ll spam with next. In the meantime, excuse me, as I go grab a cold one and listen to some CCR.

-Calmest Waters


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