Music: Daybreak

One of the best things about nights and something that I neglected to mention back when I discussed them is that they’re followed by the sun’s greatest gift to humanity: daybreaks. Dawn seems to have a cleansing effect on people. New day, new opportunities, new quests. And the beauty of it, immeasurable.

So, long story short here’s the music I “wrote” about daybreaks. I hoped to capture the power of the sun filtered through the majesty of the early morning mists, as seen through the eyes of a well-rested man, who knows how to appreciate it all.

No lyrics for this one. I hope you enjoy it!

Every summer I pretend to make a decision to hit the road one early morning and do some photos. This time, I’ll do it. My camera should be back in a day or two, so who knows, maybe next week I’ll get to enjoy the daybreak?

And I mean, all of its aspects. World bathed in the first light of the day, and from an angle we’re most likely not used to. The world looks different when the sun shines from the east, especially so early. But the world smells different as well. The chill, the cool morning breeze is unlike any other wind. And the mists, my God, the mists. Magical.

If the day is going to be sunny, the incredible scenery of the early morning can set your mood… just right. It does for me.

-Calmest Waters


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