My camera is back, and so am I.

Excellent news, my friends! My camera, which has been away from me for over a year, is finally back and ready to work. This means that the overall quality of pictures posted here will increase, and as I progress through life, improving my skill of taking photos, we’re potentially looking at a completely new world of photos by the end of the summer. And the probability of that is significant, as I have finally closed all remaining deals I had to make in my home-for-the-rest-of-the-year, and I’m free to roam through the fields and forests of my summer home area.


These last few days were really intense, as expected. A lot of time spent in a car, on highways, which of course I don’t mind, but what happened between the car rides was a bit tiring, especially mentally. However, I can finally say it’s all behind me, at least for another year, and I can focus on my work, and my most precious time after work, which I decided to spend on a bike, and with my good friend, the camera, in my hand.

As you can see, I already took it for a test ride, and let me tell you, while we missed each other so much, we haven’t forgotten how to make each other happy. I didn’t have the time to visit all the important places with it: the two cornfields, the silver lights festival, but we’ll get there. So far, though, I only managed to take a short ride to the lake. It had to be enough, since, as I mentioned, last week or so was really challenging.


In the end, however, it was a really good week for me, one that I hope will set the mood for the rest of the summer. And it was important enough to do so, in fact. So who knows? Maybe this really is the time for me to put the bad years I’ve had not so long ago finally, truly and completely behind me? Sure looks like it might be.

For now, I’ll just keep doing what I’m doing, because it’s working. And I mean bike rides and photos as well as the blog.

I know this blog may not seem like much to you, but it has quickly become a really important part of my life. It’s exactly what I hoped it would be, it does what I hoped it would. A place to vent, to share, to explain both to others and to myself some more complex thoughts. A wonderful part of my life indeed. And if someone else besides me finds a way to enjoy it? Even better.


In the meantime, check out this picture of the moon I took. God, I love the moon.

Alright, everything that should be said has been said. I’ll see you soon.

-Calmest Waters


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