Song of a Starry Sky

If there are two things I want people to know about me before we become friends, is that I love train rides and that I prefer nights to days. Nights, you see, are magical. And so, I will always find a moment to create and share content that praises the night, in a never-ending attempt to make my feelings about the night, the moon and the stars understandable to those who aren’t just yet sharing my fascination with the star-spangled darkness.


Listen to the beating heart
Of the tired realm of blue,
When the sky clears out,
When the dust of light
Shines through.

When the year entire comes to pass,
When the Moons and Worlds align at last,
When we raise our prayers to the stars,
We feel…

Far beyond the doubts and fears,
Beyond the darkened time,
When the cold day ends,
And the starlight reigns
The sky.

When the cold day ends and warm night falls,
When the Silver Spirit my name calls,
When I enter Astral Temple’s halls,
I feel…

I hope you enjoy!

My dream is to have someone record the vocals for it. If you want to, go ahead.

-Calmest Waters


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