The many songs and melodies of life

Forests, however dreamy, and of which there is plenty in my area, have always been lower on my list of favorite riding places than the fields of whatever crop. However, the diversity in the landscape is essential when it comes to summer biking, so every now and then I decide to enjoy the green, like today. And it made me focus on something that has been a big and a surprisingly big part of my life, and which I neglected to talk about so far. The musical themes of my life.


I’ve mentioned before that I like to sing when I’m on a ride. What I should add is that I don’t sing just anything. I want to say I sing the first song that comes to mind, but that might not exactly explain it. You see, songs to me are themes of various places, emotions, situations. And under specific circumstances, I start hearing a specific song in my head. That’s how a song becomes a theme. It just the one song that comes to me “on its own”.

It’s like a soundtrack, your own, personal soundtrack. And I like to believe that I’m not as much creating, but discovering it. Some songs which I haven’t heard for a long time suddenly start sounding in my mind when I enter a new place for the first time. And there’s no logical, obvious connection between the place and the song I think of. The two just fit together.

In these woods today, for instance, I heard a song which I used to love, but have since forgotten about. The Maid of Orleans.


I don’t expect anybody to “feel” this connection. You don’t know these forests, and the photos hardly give the beauty and the majesty of them. And even if they did, you might still not see it, or possibly think of a different theme for this place. Understandable, of course.

But the thing has always fascinated me. A song which I have not heard for years. Suddenly sounds in the trees, as I first start humming the melody, until I almost automatically begin to sing the words, which I didn’t even know I still remember.

And this happens fairly often. Usually with songs which are more meaningful to me, but not always.



Ours is the fury!


And so, I always think of Mike Oldfield’s Voyager on particularly cool, summer nights in the countryside, while a misty, rainy autumn day is accompanied by either Man in the Wilderness or River is Waiting, whereas sunny mornings have the sound of Europe Endless. On a beach, I always hum Voulez Vous Danser, watching distant mountains passing by from a train I sing Colin Hay’s Beautiful World, since the sixth grade, the last day of school’s theme was the Sun of Jamaica, and when I attempt to conquer a steep hill on my friend the bike, I do so to the powerful melody of Warriors by Freedom Call, but I have recently discovered that once I reach the top, it’s immediately replaced by High Up.

Find a pattern if you dare. I tried, but I can’t. The melody sure fits each situation at least to some extent, but apart from that, I have nothing.


Anyway, as I said, Maid of Orleans joins the team and becomes yet another beautiful song that would make the soundtrack of my life. And it doesn’t even bother me that I’m not sure why.

In the past, I used to attempt to understand, explain everything about me. Even when I originally started this blog, I thought I’ll try to, sooner or later, explain and comprehend everything about me that I don’t exactly understand by trying to write it down in a form that would allow random people to understand it. Starting from the square one and go step by step until the epiphany hits me.

Now, I accept the good things that happen to me without questioning them. I learned to not expect the storm after the silence, and so I don’t need any of this “scheduled” or explained in detail. The nature and complexity of bad moments, as well as their resistance to explanations, don’t bother me anymore.

I just need them to have a good musical theme.

-Calmest Waters


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