The Pathfinder

Hard to say just how many thousands of kilometers I made on my bike. I’ve conquered countless routes and I like to say I discovered some. But this has never been an exercise for me. Staying in shape, or getting in one is just a fortunate byproduct. I know that in this day and age, explorers and pathfinders aren’t needed anymore, not really. But hell, I’ve found my fair share of paths through forests that aren’t really mapped, the overgrown fields and nearby swamps. And I have photos to prove it, some other time. But it’s this feeling, this joy, and excitement of discovering places, even if it’s just finding out what lies beyond the hill I’m climbing on that I want to express. Yes, I really love that feeling.

I would never call myself a Pathfinder, of course. What I do, is just riding a bike, I’m not an idiot. But you can’t take away this feeling that I’m speaking of. I’m sure many of you have felt it. Seeing a place on a map is one thing, butfinding your way to that place to see it with your own eyes give you this satisfaction and sense of accomplishment.

I believe, that it’s the same curiosity, the same exact kind, that drives people like me to take a ride through that forest, to see what exactly lies on the other side of it, and greatest explorers of all time, pushing through whatever dangers lie ahead, to discover the previously undiscovered. Not that I’m comparing the two… achievements. But I truly think it’s the same thought that motivates both of those groups.

So, this music is my little tribute to the explorers, the Pathfinders of the world, the big and the small, the accomplished and the joyful. Enjoy, if you can.

-Calmest Waters



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