The Bounty Hunter


The Bounty Hunter

I wander through the deserts vast
I look to stars to find my way
I follow calls from dawn to dusk
I traverse woods, mountains, plains

Like shadows on a moonless night
Like air to flame, like rain to seas
I walk the world, safe from the eye
I do my part as no one sees

I stop all those who won’t obey
When I commit old gods take care
I find and hunt souls gone astray
When you will call, I will be there

I ask, I listen to the breeze
And travel through the highlands bare
I read the signs the cold ground leaves
When you will call, I will be there

I’ll chase you down, I have my ways
There is no place where you could hide
If you are named, and someone pays
The hunter for his bounty rides

I cannot care what was your crime
Remember, it is only fair
I am not one for begging cry
When you are called, I will be there


Ooooh, I’m really getting into this poetry thing I’ve been trying out. It helps to think about poems as songs, lyrics. I just hope my excitement helps readers to ignore the quality issues.

I’m really hoping someone would comment, do some critiquing. I’m not demanding, but any feedback would be very, very appreciated and helpful.

I started writing this poem some time ago, but it was slowly evolving into what it is today for some time, over periods of various circumstances. I tried to capture the feeling of respect, the dark aura of impressiveness, which I imagine the old-time bounty hunters had around them. I had some concept of a music for this, so who knows, maybe I will upload that too eventually.

I hope someone would enjoy it.

-Calmest Waters


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