Czech Switzerland adventures.

I climbed mountains, I traversed forests and rivers, I visited wonderful viewpoints, there were some castles along the way too. It was fun and it was a challenge as well. A beautiful place, but rather unpleasant people. I missed my bike as expected, but got the workout I needed anyway. I rate my České Švýcarsko adventure 7/10.


Thanks to new Polish highways, the good old German Autobahns and sufficient Czech contribution near the German border, the road to get there was quite enjoyable.

Now let’s talk České Švýcarsko.

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Fast, faster, FTL.

My first post for the “Brains Unite” blog. This month’s topic was “the future of transportation”.

I strongly encourage you to visit the blog and read posts from other bloggers, it’s worth your while!

Brains Unite

I am a dreamer. And we, dreamers, don’t see “what is”, we don’t even see what “will be”. We see “it would be awesome if it would be like this” in every possible situation. And I dream big too. Therefore, when I think of “transportation of the future”, I don’t think of “even faster airplanes”, I don’t think of “hoverboards”, not even of “Hyperloop”. Bigger. I believe, that in the centuries to come, there’s only one kind of transportation that will matter.

Picture this. The year is 2117. The population of Earth: 15 billion humans and 300 million sentient dolphins. Chicago Cubs celebrate their fourth world series title, and “Super Mega Fastest and Obviously Terribly Furious: The Conclusion 3” hits the cinemas. However, overpopulation took its toll. The resources are almost depleted, and even our President of the United Earth, Colin Mochrie III seems helpless. Does it matter how fast you…

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Brains Unite

Brains Unite is a go! An exciting new project of BlueFishh, which I’m happy to be a part of. Come and check it out!


I’m so excited! My new blog has officially launched as you read this sentence and I can’t wait to share it with you! This isn’t really a post as such, it’s more like an ‘alert’ to let you know that you can now visit Brains Unite and contribute to the topic of this month which is: the future of transportation. If you want to know more about Brains Unite, check out the ‘About‘ page of the blog. Other than that, spread the word and hopefully we can, collectively, make this project a huge success! (with 4 links in this paragraph, there’s a good chance that you’ll find yourself accidentally clicking your way onto the blog… tactics, tactics, tactics 😀)

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The Bounty Hunter


The Bounty Hunter

I wander through the deserts vast
I look to stars to find my way
I follow calls from dawn to dusk
I traverse woods, mountains, plains

Like shadows on a moonless night
Like air to flame, like rain to seas
I walk the world, safe from the eye
I do my part as no one sees

I stop all those who won’t obey
When I commit old gods take care
I find and hunt souls gone astray
When you will call, I will be there

I ask, I listen to the breeze
And travel through the highlands bare
I read the signs the cold ground leaves
When you will call, I will be there

I’ll chase you down, I have my ways
There is no place where you could hide
If you are named, and someone pays
The hunter for his bounty rides

I cannot care what was your crime
Remember, it is only fair
I am not one for begging cry
When you are called, I will be there


Ooooh, I’m really getting into this poetry thing I’ve been trying out. It helps to think about poems as songs, lyrics. I just hope my excitement helps readers to ignore the quality issues.

I’m really hoping someone would comment, do some critiquing. I’m not demanding, but any feedback would be very, very appreciated and helpful.

I started writing this poem some time ago, but it was slowly evolving into what it is today for some time, over periods of various circumstances. I tried to capture the feeling of respect, the dark aura of impressiveness, which I imagine the old-time bounty hunters had around them. I had some concept of a music for this, so who knows, maybe I will upload that too eventually.

I hope someone would enjoy it.

-Calmest Waters

Afterlife. And nothing ever happens then.



What happens when the credits roll,
The story reached its end at last,
When everyone has played his role,
The stage time has forever passed?

I like to think that where they live,
As summer ends, it starts again,
There’s no wrong, harm to forgive,
And nothing ever happens then.

Days are long and bathed in white,
Same trees bear fruit day by day,
Night’s are clear, with moon’s blue light,
And no one ever goes away.

With passing time, their age stands still,
And what they want, is what they can,
No worries, anger or bad will,
Nothing ever happens then.

Happy endings are the best. You read about the struggles the heroes are facing throughout the book, or watch them, literally or metaphorically, having their butts kicked the whole movie, but once the story ends, and we leave them in a better condition than we would expect, it was worth it.

Being the curious kid that I was, unfortunately, endings rarely left me satisfied. I needed more. The story concluded, I understood that. There’s only so much interesting events and situations in the lives of real people, average people, so it’s reasonable to suspect that, to make it seem more relatable, more realistic, the fictional characters, as heroes of our the story, would also have some finite time of usefulness to the viewers or readers. But I refused to believe that their life ends with the closing credits or the last sentence of the last page. Their story might be ending, but their lives continue. And every time a story would end, to make it feel more complete and accept its conclusion, I needed to imagine lives of the heroes after their main story. Sounds crazy enough?

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The Pathfinder

Hard to say just how many thousands of kilometers I made on my bike. I’ve conquered countless routes and I like to say I discovered some. But this has never been an exercise for me. Staying in shape, or getting in one is just a fortunate byproduct. I know that in this day and age, explorers and pathfinders aren’t needed anymore, not really. But hell, I’ve found my fair share of paths through forests that aren’t really mapped, the overgrown fields and nearby swamps. And I have photos to prove it, some other time. But it’s this feeling, this joy, and excitement of discovering places, even if it’s just finding out what lies beyond the hill I’m climbing on that I want to express. Yes, I really love that feeling.

I would never call myself a Pathfinder, of course. What I do, is just riding a bike, I’m not an idiot. But you can’t take away this feeling that I’m speaking of. I’m sure many of you have felt it. Seeing a place on a map is one thing, butfinding your way to that place to see it with your own eyes give you this satisfaction and sense of accomplishment.

I believe, that it’s the same curiosity, the same exact kind, that drives people like me to take a ride through that forest, to see what exactly lies on the other side of it, and greatest explorers of all time, pushing through whatever dangers lie ahead, to discover the previously undiscovered. Not that I’m comparing the two… achievements. But I truly think it’s the same thought that motivates both of those groups.

So, this music is my little tribute to the explorers, the Pathfinders of the world, the big and the small, the accomplished and the joyful. Enjoy, if you can.

-Calmest Waters


The overpass, the river, the cemetery, the church and the rain.

Alas, the god of rain didn’t accept my offering and hasn’t pissed off as requested. After a rainy, albeit still, as it turned out, relatively warm June, its more handsome, usually reliable brother, July, failed me completely. I tried to stay positive, but there’s no way around it – this month is a weather disaster. Fortunately, I have managed to use every opportunity it provides, and do the best I can every time. That’s why I decided to change the strategy, and instead of shorter, more aggressive adventures, as originally planned, I started going for longer sightseeing trips, as each and every one of the sunny days we’ve been presented must be used to the fullest. And even though I try to plan my trips more than I usually like to, well, things have to go south eventually.

jeszcze jeden1.jpg

Part I: The overpass.

The first checkpoint I planned on visiting was the overpass over the nearby highway. Not that I am a fan of the architectural style of the overpass designers or the fine art of its builders. However, being located on a hill, it gives you the perspective difficult to find anywhere else in the area. It’s as high as you can get legally, on a bike. It used to be my favorite spot to stop for a mid-ride rest & thinking session. Well, it still is I suppose, but I don’t visit as often as I have before, mostly because I try to find new spots, of which there is plenty, I learned.

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The Darkstar. The anger I love.

I like to think I connected with my feelings rather well. I start to not only understand but actively use and modify my emotions by being in touch with my inner self. Since all those feelings only returned to me after I escaped the dark void of depression, I came a long way. I know what gives me happiness, I know how to overcome sadness. I get pride and disgust pretty well too. But there is one thing that keeps eluding my understanding. This weird, I believe unnamed feeling, the positive anger.

This track is a result of trying to turn this emotion into music. The title as well. My love for the stars, including the Sun, was expressed in many posts. So far, I have always associated them with beauty, purity, something magical, stunning, a blessing. This time, it’s something else.

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The many songs and melodies of life

Forests, however dreamy, and of which there is plenty in my area, have always been lower on my list of favorite riding places than the fields of whatever crop. However, the diversity in the landscape is essential when it comes to summer biking, so every now and then I decide to enjoy the green, like today. And it made me focus on something that has been a big and a surprisingly big part of my life, and which I neglected to talk about so far. The musical themes of my life.


I’ve mentioned before that I like to sing when I’m on a ride. What I should add is that I don’t sing just anything. I want to say I sing the first song that comes to mind, but that might not exactly explain it. You see, songs to me are themes of various places, emotions, situations. And under specific circumstances, I start hearing a specific song in my head. That’s how a song becomes a theme. It just the one song that comes to me “on its own”.

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