Song: After Dark

Living in my home-for-the-rest-of-the-year for past two weeks now, I’ve become somewhat desperate to find places in this big city that would give me any sense of… not being in a city. It’s bloody hard to get out of here without a car, so the best I can do if take nice long walks through parks, of which there is plenty. There’s one in particular that I like.

But first, it just happened to be Friday the 13th today, when I’m posting this song, for which I meant to be creepy, mysterious, and unsettling in a way. It’s just a lucky coincidence, that’s all.

So, the park. For starters, it has an irregular shape, with a lot of cuts and bends, and it sort of “twists” in one place too. What I want to say, is that it’s really freaking easy to get lost in that park. Not necessarily get stuck in there unable to find a way out, but if you spend there some time and you finally walk out, there’s at least eighty percent chance that you end up not on the side of the park you thought you’re going towards.

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If you could have dinner with anyone from history, who would it be?

I’m a little feverish tonight, which is a great opportunity to do some writing like that. And it is an interesting topic, isn’t it? I knew that before I started thinking about it, but I discovered that in fact, it’s not just fun, but in a way, troubling too. My kind of topic.


Obviously, there are two ways to look at this question, and because of that, there are two categories of answers. The first one is the personal approach. Having someone close to you who passed away or is otherwise unavailable, someone you felt a close connection to or imagine you would have one. The emotional choice.

And then there is the seemingly creative approach. Elvis Presley, Albert Einstein, Jesus Christ, you know, the greatest hits. Someone famous, exciting, maybe a bit mysterious, preferably a pop culture icon. Having the entire history of humanity to choose from doesn’t seem to inspire enough, though, and the choices don’t seem to vary that much in the end. While it’s idiotic not to admit that a dinner with Elvis would be freaking awesome, and given the opportunity I would be an idiot not to go for it, but I imagine there’s only so much I could ask him about. A one-time event and that’s it. Jesus seems like a more intriguing choice, with potentially life, if not world-changing consequences, but it’s impossible to do it without certain expectations, and it’s highly unlikely to learn something we don’t already know. What I mean, is that if you believe in God, you feel like a bigger or smaller part of His plan, there’s nothing new you would learn from Jesus, would you? And if you don’t, and you would happen to be right, you’ll take nothing from the dinner, and if you’re wrong, you have to assume that meeting Jesus wasn’t the only way God would have you converted. You see what I mean. If you’re meeting someone having some expectations of the meeting, your experience won’t be… “full”.

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Song: Cybermen Poem

Too excited to wait any longer. Last time I mentioned I’m okay with posting Crystalline because I no longer think it’s my absolute best work, one that I won’t top no matter what. So naturally, what comes now is the favorite track of mine, Cybermen Poem.

Robotic, sure, electronic, sounds about right, but first and foremost melodic. That’s what I had in mind, and I hope that’s how it feels like to anyone who might just happen to listen to it somehow.

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Song: Crystalline

You know, I like making music, simply because it’s fun, it’s relaxing, and every once in a while I make a track that I end up really liking. Like this one.

To be honest, I had it ready for some time. I didn’t upload it until now, because being the drama queen I am, I was afraid that I might be unwilling to upload anything after that, since I think this might be the best song I ever made. Fortunately, I no longer think so. I mean, it’s still great, I think/hope so, but I have something I consider even better along the way. So, without further ado, I present to you: “Crystalline”.

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The Orange Night of the city and the Blue Night of the countryside

I’m made for living in the countryside, I think I have made that clear by now. I didn’t truly realize that until I actually moved to the countryside from a small city that I was born in, but ever since then, I can’t imagine myself spending any more time in the city than it’s absolutely necessary. Unless things somewhere along the way get terribly wrong, once I’m done with this city business, I’ll move to live out the rest of my days in a solitary house, in some village far enough from the city and all the commotion that I will be able to see the stars in the night-time sky in all their power and might. This has been my plan for years, and while at no point did it even begin to change, there are moments when the vision of one day settling down in the countryside for good is what keeps me going. Moments like now, when after the summer of living in the middle of nowhere, I moved back into a city.


I’m not antisocial, not a recluse or a hermit by nature, in fact, I love spending time with friends and I do it as often as I do it happily. And it’s not that I despise cities by definition, or can’t enjoy the many benefits that cities undoubtedly have. But when it comes to living, as in “dwelling”, a having a place to reside in, countryside just can’t be beaten.

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September of mists and forests.

This entire year feels… “rainier”. In itself, it’s not a complaint, though. Although I did complain about June being ridiculously wet, but that’s because Junes shouldn’t be wet like that. As in, it could rain all year, but June, July, and August are summertime, they’re for something else. So when September came, I immediately turned my Autumn mode on, because while I love Septembers, for this one, secretly, I didn’t hold much hope. Boy, was I mistaken…


There was no chance I would abandon biking just because of some bad weather, of course not. It would have to be a disaster, this September, to prevent me from hitting the road like I did the entire Summer. But admittedly, the nature of those rides was different. I was saying “goodbye” to my Summer Home. The woods, the lakes, the hills, all that I will soon leave, when I’ll move back to my “home for the rest of the year”.

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Maintenance: Autumn Edition is a go.

Continuing the still new trend of introducing changes to the blog with every next season, and with the astronomical Autumn being just behind the corner, I declare it is finally time to say “fare thee well, Summer, you will be missed”, and launch the Calmest Waters: Autumn Edition.


No big changes are to be expected. Few, minor adjustments.

First of all, new background photo AND for the first time new blog description. After several months, the “When you think too much, but have no one to talk to” verse that welcomed visitors on the front page is being retired. From now on, the description will be changed with every season, just like the photo.

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Song: The Day We Left The Hills

A song whose original version was created six years ago, but which gets very relevant every year around September, and so I believe it deserved some improvements and fresh composition. Here it is:

Days are getting colder, the weather gets wetter week after week. For me, September means two things: Summer is almost over, and it’s time to switch homes. Every year the same story: after three wonderful months among the fields, lakes, woods and green hills of my Summer Home, the time has come to move back to my home-for-the-rest-of-the-year, the city.

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In defense of differences.

My second post for the Brains Unite blog. The topic: gender differences in the workplace.

I hope you enjoy reading this more than I enjoyed writing this.

Brains Unite

Gender differences in the workplace. To be honest, not a big fan of that topic in general. Several problems with it.

First of all, and I know this may initially make me sound like an idiot, but it needs to be said: it’s way too vague. Differences in what exactly? Wages? Employment rate? Area of employment? Workplace accidents? Which do you find interesting and/or important enough to talk about? Maybe all of them?

And here’s the second problem I have with the topic: it implies there’s something to talk about. I’m not denying that there are differences. Of course, there are. But I’m much closer to celebrating those differences than considering as something evil, wrong or harmful. Every time someone makes the point that “there are gender differences (in any of these aspects listed above) in the workplace”, the answer has to be “yeah, and?”.

If you accept the simple, obvious…

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