September of mists and forests.

This entire year feels… “rainier”. In itself, it’s not a complaint, though. Although I did complain about June being ridiculously wet, but that’s because Junes shouldn’t be wet like that. As in, it could rain all year, but June, July, and August are summertime, they’re for something else. So when September came, I immediately turned my Autumn mode on, because while I love Septembers, for this one, secretly, I didn’t hold much hope. Boy, was I mistaken…


There was no chance I would abandon biking just because of some bad weather, of course not. It would have to be a disaster, this September, to prevent me from hitting the road like I did the entire Summer. But admittedly, the nature of those rides was different. I was saying “goodbye” to my Summer Home. The woods, the lakes, the hills, all that I will soon leave, when I’ll move back to my “home for the rest of the year”.

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Song: The Day We Left The Hills

A song whose original version was created six years ago, but which gets very relevant every year around September, and so I believe it deserved some improvements and fresh composition. Here it is:

Days are getting colder, the weather gets wetter week after week. For me, September means two things: Summer is almost over, and it’s time to switch homes. Every year the same story: after three wonderful months among the fields, lakes, woods and green hills of my Summer Home, the time has come to move back to my home-for-the-rest-of-the-year, the city.

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Czech Switzerland adventures.

I climbed mountains, I traversed forests and rivers, I visited wonderful viewpoints, there were some castles along the way too. It was fun and it was a challenge as well. A beautiful place, but rather unpleasant people. I missed my bike as expected, but got the workout I needed anyway. I rate my České Švýcarsko adventure 7/10.


Thanks to new Polish highways, the good old German Autobahns and sufficient Czech contribution near the German border, the road to get there was quite enjoyable.

Now let’s talk České Švýcarsko.

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The overpass, the river, the cemetery, the church and the rain.

Alas, the god of rain didn’t accept my offering and hasn’t pissed off as requested. After a rainy, albeit still, as it turned out, relatively warm June, its more handsome, usually reliable brother, July, failed me completely. I tried to stay positive, but there’s no way around it – this month is a weather disaster. Fortunately, I have managed to use every opportunity it provides, and do the best I can every time. That’s why I decided to change the strategy, and instead of shorter, more aggressive adventures, as originally planned, I started going for longer sightseeing trips, as each and every one of the sunny days we’ve been presented must be used to the fullest. And even though I try to plan my trips more than I usually like to, well, things have to go south eventually.

jeszcze jeden1.jpg

Part I: The overpass.

The first checkpoint I planned on visiting was the overpass over the nearby highway. Not that I am a fan of the architectural style of the overpass designers or the fine art of its builders. However, being located on a hill, it gives you the perspective difficult to find anywhere else in the area. It’s as high as you can get legally, on a bike. It used to be my favorite spot to stop for a mid-ride rest & thinking session. Well, it still is I suppose, but I don’t visit as often as I have before, mostly because I try to find new spots, of which there is plenty, I learned.

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My camera is back, and so am I.

Excellent news, my friends! My camera, which has been away from me for over a year, is finally back and ready to work. This means that the overall quality of pictures posted here will increase, and as I progress through life, improving my skill of taking photos, we’re potentially looking at a completely new world of photos by the end of the summer. And the probability of that is significant, as I have finally closed all remaining deals I had to make in my home-for-the-rest-of-the-year, and I’m free to roam through the fields and forests of my summer home area.


These last few days were really intense, as expected. A lot of time spent in a car, on highways, which of course I don’t mind, but what happened between the car rides was a bit tiring, especially mentally. However, I can finally say it’s all behind me, at least for another year, and I can focus on my work, and my most precious time after work, which I decided to spend on a bike, and with my good friend, the camera, in my hand.

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The second cornfield located.

You know, this is slowly starting to turn into a biking blog… July 6th has offered us more sun and heat than we could hope so it would be a crime not to go for another ride. A path of approximately 30km was devised, and I set off.


It was truly a summer day, and not just in name like the previous releases of this July disaster. Weather-wise, that is.

First and foremost, important update: a second cornfield has been located. Surprisingly, a year ago the same field was a host to corn, so there goes my theory of “corn can’t be grown on the same field two years in a row”.

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Local adventure continues.

Couldn’t contain myself, and set off for another trip today. As usual, not going to apologize for always travelling the same routes, nor am I going to be sorry for posting boring photos. Just, FYI.


As mentioned before, biking roads in my area are wonderful, and they create sort of a web, where you can get the same place each day for a year, and via different road every time. An opportunity I can’t help but abuse.

For today, I chose a path which I haven’t really travelled before. Some parts of it, but not the whole thing. And it was mostly a success, beautiful sights were identified, located and cataloged, both relaxing and more challenging routes were discovered, so it’s a win in my book.

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And so the summer begins.

The two most intense weeks of my life *technically* came to an end. And with that, I was finally free to move back into my summer home, and enjoy all the opportunities it presents, which I immediately started doing, as you can imagine.



Revisiting the old biking roads, and exploring some new ones is what I’ve been doing the last couple of days. Haven’t got the time to do much biking just yet, but I like to think I had an honest and ambitious beginning of the season.

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Visiting Home

I had the opportunity to travel a bit the last couple of days. I had a great time altogether, I’m really well rested and ready for what looks like the most important two weeks of my life so far.


I thought I’ll do something different this time. I share my thoughts like promised, and already expanded on that idea, and started posting songs I wrote. Now I decided to share bits from my life, big things that are happening to me, or just things I hope people would find as interesting as I do.

The point of this is to make you, and myself in the process understand how the most common things can be enjoyed. How everyday things are an amazing experience just because they went right. This philosophy of mine is something that I noticed about myself sometime ago, and I hope there are people who feel this way too. Here I go.

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