Maintenance: Autumn Edition is a go.

Continuing the still new trend of introducing changes to the blog with every next season, and with the astronomical Autumn being just behind the corner, I declare it is finally time to say “fare thee well, Summer, you will be missed”, and launch the Calmest Waters: Autumn Edition.


No big changes are to be expected. Few, minor adjustments.

First of all, new background photo AND for the first time new blog description. After several months, the “When you think too much, but have no one to talk to” verse that welcomed visitors on the front page is being retired. From now on, the description will be changed with every season, just like the photo.

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Idea Sharing Opportunity

I have signed up for a project started by some wonderful bloggers, and which I want to introduce to everyone who might be interested.


Since there’s no chance in the world that I would explain it any better than people directly involved in starting the project in the first place, I’ll just quote and link bluefish’s post:

“In simple terms, the idea is for a group of bloggers to write a post based on the same topic every so often (I was thinking maybe once a month) so that we can have a collection of different perspectives on the same subject – I, personally, think that this has immense educational value!”

Sounds easy enough, and I know this will be both fun and valuable experience, so if anyone is interested, you should follow instructions explained in the original post right here.

See ya.

-Calmest Waters

My camera is back, and so am I.

Excellent news, my friends! My camera, which has been away from me for over a year, is finally back and ready to work. This means that the overall quality of pictures posted here will increase, and as I progress through life, improving my skill of taking photos, we’re potentially looking at a completely new world of photos by the end of the summer. And the probability of that is significant, as I have finally closed all remaining deals I had to make in my home-for-the-rest-of-the-year, and I’m free to roam through the fields and forests of my summer home area.


These last few days were really intense, as expected. A lot of time spent in a car, on highways, which of course I don’t mind, but what happened between the car rides was a bit tiring, especially mentally. However, I can finally say it’s all behind me, at least for another year, and I can focus on my work, and my most precious time after work, which I decided to spend on a bike, and with my good friend, the camera, in my hand.

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Maintenance: new background photo, new categories of posts.

A couple of quick points just so I can keep all of my 7 followers updated. 


I changed the background photo on account of summer being officially underway. I thought I’d have a new photo every next season, it’s a nice little detail to keep things fresh I think.

Now, I started posting music some time ago, what is this all about. Well, making music is my hobby and so far the best way I know to express myself. I had a Soundcloud account before which is now closed, and I’ll be succesfully re-uploading my favourite tracks of mine, as well as new ones to my Calmest Waters account. Some are just instrumental melodies, others full songs, however without the vocals recorded, because I’m not much of a singer. I hope you’ll enjoy.

And once again, this time offically I want to announce that I’ll decided to share posts of my life events too, like a regular blogger, no longer stick to just more or less random thoughts. The decision is a result of me enjoying this whole thing more than I thought I will, and the excitement that comes from it gives me ideas and power to expand my blog that way.

I want to thank everyone who contributed one way or another, especially David Snape, who is a fantastic guy. You should check out his amazing blog right away.

It’s not that many of us here, but I’m just happy someone enjoys and even relates to my writing.

Have a great day!

-Calmest Waters

Read first: My Calmest Waters

Here’s the thing: I think too much. It’s not necessarily a bad habit, of course. But it is challenging. I spend too much time in my head, I imagine, I wonder, I live there. I get unusual ideas, and I stick to them for some reason. I come up with ridiculous notions, that just won’t go away. My thoughts are like an infection, that overpowers my mind. Again, that’s not a bad thing. It just sounds creepy.

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