The Pathfinder

Hard to say just how many thousands of kilometers I made on my bike. I’ve conquered countless routes and I like to say I discovered some. But this has never been an exercise for me. Staying in shape, or getting in one is just a fortunate byproduct. I know that in this day and age, explorers and pathfinders aren’t needed anymore, not really. But hell, I’ve found my fair share of paths through forests that aren’t really mapped, the overgrown fields and nearby swamps. And I have photos to prove it, some other time. But it’s this feeling, this joy, and excitement of discovering places, even if it’s just finding out what lies beyond the hill I’m climbing on that I want to express. Yes, I really love that feeling.

I would never call myself a Pathfinder, of course. What I do, is just riding a bike, I’m not an idiot. But you can’t take away this feeling that I’m speaking of. I’m sure many of you have felt it. Seeing a place on a map is one thing, butfinding your way to that place to see it with your own eyes give you this satisfaction and sense of accomplishment.

I believe, that it’s the same curiosity, the same exact kind, that drives people like me to take a ride through that forest, to see what exactly lies on the other side of it, and greatest explorers of all time, pushing through whatever dangers lie ahead, to discover the previously undiscovered. Not that I’m comparing the two… achievements. But I truly think it’s the same thought that motivates both of those groups.

So, this music is my little tribute to the explorers, the Pathfinders of the world, the big and the small, the accomplished and the joyful. Enjoy, if you can.

-Calmest Waters


The Darkstar. The anger I love.

I like to think I connected with my feelings rather well. I start to not only understand but actively use and modify my emotions by being in touch with my inner self. Since all those feelings only returned to me after I escaped the dark void of depression, I came a long way. I know what gives me happiness, I know how to overcome sadness. I get pride and disgust pretty well too. But there is one thing that keeps eluding my understanding. This weird, I believe unnamed feeling, the positive anger.

This track is a result of trying to turn this emotion into music. The title as well. My love for the stars, including the Sun, was expressed in many posts. So far, I have always associated them with beauty, purity, something magical, stunning, a blessing. This time, it’s something else.

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Song of a Starry Sky

If there are two things I want people to know about me before we become friends, is that I love train rides and that I prefer nights to days. Nights, you see, are magical. And so, I will always find a moment to create and share content that praises the night, in a never-ending attempt to make my feelings about the night, the moon and the stars understandable to those who aren’t just yet sharing my fascination with the star-spangled darkness.


Listen to the beating heart
Of the tired realm of blue,
When the sky clears out,
When the dust of light
Shines through.

When the year entire comes to pass,
When the Moons and Worlds align at last,
When we raise our prayers to the stars,
We feel…

Far beyond the doubts and fears,
Beyond the darkened time,
When the cold day ends,
And the starlight reigns
The sky.

When the cold day ends and warm night falls,
When the Silver Spirit my name calls,
When I enter Astral Temple’s halls,
I feel…

I hope you enjoy!

My dream is to have someone record the vocals for it. If you want to, go ahead.

-Calmest Waters

Music: Daybreak

One of the best things about nights and something that I neglected to mention back when I discussed them is that they’re followed by the sun’s greatest gift to humanity: daybreaks. Dawn seems to have a cleansing effect on people. New day, new opportunities, new quests. And the beauty of it, immeasurable.

So, long story short here’s the music I “wrote” about daybreaks. I hoped to capture the power of the sun filtered through the majesty of the early morning mists, as seen through the eyes of a well-rested man, who knows how to appreciate it all.

No lyrics for this one. I hope you enjoy it!

Every summer I pretend to make a decision to hit the road one early morning and do some photos. This time, I’ll do it. My camera should be back in a day or two, so who knows, maybe next week I’ll get to enjoy the daybreak?

And I mean, all of its aspects. World bathed in the first light of the day, and from an angle we’re most likely not used to. The world looks different when the sun shines from the east, especially so early. But the world smells different as well. The chill, the cool morning breeze is unlike any other wind. And the mists, my God, the mists. Magical.

If the day is going to be sunny, the incredible scenery of the early morning can set your mood… just right. It does for me.

-Calmest Waters

Rain in june.

It’s been a particularly rainy june this year, and not that it’s not lovely, the warm rain and everything, but enough is enough. So, call it “wishful thinking”, but with this post I’m officially saying “goodbye and fare thee well” to the rains of this summer, and by doing so, letting the universe know that it’s time to change the aura, and I expect the universe to accept these terms.

Let’s start with the music:

The very first version of this track was actually created years ago, but the prototype has been abandoned for some time, and after being re-done last month, it works perfectly here. As you’ll see for yourself while listening to the track, it’s meant for rainy days, but the “good”, the “world smells like it’s been washed clean and the whole world is a jungle” kind of rain, at least preferably. I hope you can “hear” the raindrops crashing into puddles, “see” the gentle mist around you, blurring the horizon, and “feel” the chill, when the otherwise hot summer day turns dark, and the world is suddenly cooled down by the falling water.

How can you not love the rain?

Granted, it’s easy to talk about the beauty and the benefits of a rainy weather from your room, sitting at your desk. But the thing about rain is, even the qualities that often make it uncomfortable or problematic, are on other occasions, one of its strengths. It’s not a nice experience to get all wet and subsequently cold when you’re just trying to get through the workday, but the same refreshment that getting soaked provides can be a salvation on a hot july day of working in your garden. The puddles, the wet roads, all can be a pain, but the same water re-starts all the green of this world. And we all know, even if we could survive without the plants, what sort of life it would be? The world without nature’s best would be unbearable for those of us who only thrive when the world is green enough.

And this june, after a terribly hot may, started out as a nice, and expected relief. Especially since we’re not talking about an overwhelming about of rain. Just the refreshing spring drizzle, which, you know, appears every now and again, comes and goes a couple of times for two to four days, and then you get to appreciate the sun again. It’s the natural cycle of the april to october period. You even start getting excited when the first warmer rains start to appear. The first strom of the season is always an intense experience for me, too. But like I said, enough is enough.

So from this place, I want to thank june, and it’s guest star, the rain, for their incredible performance this year, and I congratulate them on the job well done. Some of you I’ll see again in a year. Well, eleven months to be precise. Some of you, I hope to see, I don’t know, in a month, month and a half. I’m looking at you, rain.

So. Goodbye, and fare thee well, my friends!

-Calmest Waters






Music: Rose of Alabamy

New, “old” track on my soundcloud! This time, an instrumental cover of one of the most beautiful and famous songs of its era, “Rose of Alabamy”!

Away from Mississippi’s vale
With my ole hat there for a sail
I crossed upon a cotton bale
To the Rose of Alabamy.
Oh brown Rosey,
Rose of Alabamy,
The sweet tobacco posey
Is the Rose of Alabamy.

The river rolled, the crickets sang,
The lightnin’ bug he flashed his wing,
And like a rope my arms I fling
‘Round Rose of Alabamy.
Oh, brown Rosey,
Rose of Alabamy,
The sweet tobacco posey
Is the Rose of Alabamy.

So fare thee well, lil’ Liza Jane,
And fare thee, ye belles of fame,
For all your charms are put to shame
By the Rose of Alabamy.
Oh, brown Rosey,
Rose of Alabamy,
The sweet tobacco posey
Is the Rose of Alabamy.

Silas S. Steele, 1846

Amazing melody and cheerful lyrics. What’s not to love?

This is my little cover, again without vocals.

Next week or two will be really busy for me, so I’ll probably stick to posting music until I’m done with them.

I hope you enjoy!

-Calmest Waters

Music: Silver Lights

Yet another track uploaded to my Soundcloud account!

“There’s this brook running through the forest not far from where I live. And just as it’s about to leave the woods and enter the open fields, there is an old weeping willow growing at the edge of the solid ground, leaning over the stream, which in the early days of every summer gets more aggressive for a couple of weeks. And when the Moon is out, and it lights up the branches and the leaves of the willow dancing on wind, what appears on the running water is a festival of silver lights. It’s the most mesmerizing, and at the same time refreshing thing I know. Just to watch it happen, every night when the Moon is up and placed right. So small and yet so spectacular. Feels almost wrong to keep this perfect show just for myself.”

An excerpt from The Blue Night. I’m quoting myself now, this is who I am.


No lyrics for this one. I hope you’ll enjoy!

-Calmest Waters

P.S. Spoiler alert! These music posts won’t end anytime soon…

Music: Sunken

Another track on my Soundcloud account!

I hoped for Sunken to give these vibes of diving, peaceful floating underwater, with bubbles ascending around you and the marine life doing its thing. This dance to a muffled melody in its weird way resembles flight, so I tried to make it light, weightless, but at the same time I wanted to make sure that the pressure of the water remains detectable.

No lyrics for this one.

Hope you enjoy!

-Calmest Waters