Music: The Wanderer

A new track uploaded!

I’ve just noticed that I am the most productive music-wise when I’m binge re-watching sci-fi shows. Curious.

It’s Star Trek TNG, by the way. But the track itself refers more to the pleasure of hiking when the world outside finally gets as green as I always picture it. I was tempted to call it “Green Wander”, but I feel that the track with that title would be… I don’t know, somehow different. I’m sure I’ll understand when I’ll make it.

And I will because my wanders are all in green recently.

The world-famous cliche states that it’s not the destination that matters, but the journey itself. While I might not be famous for my wandering around, I am inclined to agree. I’m one of those people who gets excited at the idea of a few-hours-long train ride for the opportunity to be alone with my thoughts, with the landscape outside my window dynamically changing. At the same time, I suppose the old “B&H”, biking and hiking, both do fall in the “wandering” category in their way.

Does that make me a wanderer? I really can’t say, but yes.

Anyway, this theme is something I’ve been humming to myself for a long time, but the proper arrangement for it has been eluding my imagination ever since I thought of it. I think even the most demanding connoisseurs will appreciate the bold yet oddly satisfying composition of the orchestra-dominated melody, with an intrusion of a slightly sampled electric guitar. Such is my will.

Alright, that would be all. As always, enjoy, if you can find the strength to do it!

-Calmest Waters


Song: Sunday

I couldn’t post it on last Sunday, because it wasn’t ready, and I won’t be able to upload it next Sunday because I will be busy. So I thought it will be appropriate to upload it on the exact opposite of Sunday – Wednesday. Consider it a tribute to Sundays, or a chance to reminisce about one.

Sunday – what they are and what they stand for everyone knows. Technically a weekend, but the same way September is a Summer – kind of, but the shadow of what comes next is upon us already.

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Blue Wander.

One of the reasons I’m rarely unsatisfied with the music that I make is because I only make it when I want to. It sounds obvious, but it’s not something that necessarily comes easily to me. I have the urge to complete things, that I believe have a potential. There were many things that I made, and not just the tracks or otherwise hobby-related, that were finished in a rush and presented too early, with a terrible result of course,, because I got excited over how much I liked a certain part of it. Like some of my posts here, that were heavily edited after I published them. They will remain nameless of course. But recently, I’ve been learning to take my time with things. If I’m doing something just for myself, I do it only when I have an idea and natural motivation for it. Otherwise, I shelve it, sometimes for a long time. Like this little track of mine:

I started making it back in 2015, finished it today. I’ve approached it maybe twenty times, not necessarily adding something new. On the contrary, often times I deleted a part I didn’t like anymore or changed some other already existing part. It took time, but my God, am I satisfied with it.

As to what inspired me to finish this track now? This enormous and bright Moon we’ve been having these last couple of days here in my town. The nights are very bright, but not in the “clouds reflect the street lamps” way, the “the Moon makes everything shine in blue” way. Absolutely beautiful, especially since we don’t get this in the city. In my summer home – sure, regularly. But the Moon has nothing to compete against in the countryside, and the result is oftentimes quite spectacular. Here? It’s very unusual. I don’t remember seeing something like this in the city ever before. And I’m not a fan of city nights, you might say.

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Song: Invicti

It’s the exam week at my university this week, so my time is a scarce resource for the moment. I can’t exactly focus on writing more elaborate posts and trust me, they’re coming, but instead, I’m going to share a real treat with you. A track recorded at the dawn of my music-making adventure.

This is a rather exclusive release, you know. I haven’t yet shared a track this old, and I don’t think I would share it if I didn’t randomly encounter it on a file folder on my laptop in which it had no business being. Fate?

But I like the track, I really do. So much in fact, that it’s one of very few tracks I completed and never returned to, either to fix or improve anything. It’s a quickly progressing track that is designed to power you up, for the new day that’s coming, for the challenge behind the corner, you name it. It’s fun, it’s powerful, it’s surprisingly clean-sounding comparing to the quality of the other tracks from that “era”.

If I were to publish an album, this track would be a Side B exclusive one-time-only event producer’s cut edition track. In short.

Hope you enjoy it!

-Calmest Waters

Song: Searching for harmony

A new track on my Soundcloud profile that fits into the greater theme of this blog, which is searching for harmony, that out of… I don’t know, vanity I suppose, I named it just that, “Searching for harmony”.

A track as simple sounding as it is difficult to arrange in a way that would capture the essence of what I wanted it to be. Sounds aligning to the main theme, which guides, if not carries the rest of the instruments. A music where each note is a natural consequence of the note before it, much like every good day is a result of a well-spent yesterday. You might say this is just what all music is, an arrangement of notes, but in this case, I wanted the main theme to absolutely dominate the song and have everything else that contributes to the track move from the chaos that it is in the beginning, to the perfect composition, perfect harmony that the main theme imposed.

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Yellow Wander.

I’ve been very vocal about the inferiority of the wheat fields to the corn fields, but let me tell you, however wonderful the October might be, eventually, and usually, sooner than you expected, you start missing every single Summer-exclusive thing, including the once dreaded wheat fields. Fortunately, being the genius I am, I predicted that my heart will long for the sight of the golden sea, and prepared myself for that eventuality properly. Photos are taken, memories cataloged and stored safely, and at last, music recorded and posted on Soundcloud.

Looking back, I think I might have been a little too harsh on the wheat, barley and whatever else looks like these two. I mean sure, cornfields will always be cornfields, but when I think “Summer”, I think green, light blue and yellow. Green for the leaves on the trees, which in my mind are the one thing that determines in which of the two recognizable seasons: Winter-ish or Summer-ish, we are right now. Light blue for the sky dozed with a tiny amount of white, fluffy clouds. And yellow, for the golden fields bathed in the bright sun.

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Song: Small Town Autumn

Every October that I can recall had these couple of really warm days around three/four weeks in. This one is no different, which has inspired me to make this little track, which might I say, I consider to be one of better ones in terms of conveying emotions I wanted to express.

Unfortunately, this year I’m stuck in a big city for October, so I can’t use those days to the fullest. But, when life gives you lemons, right? The spare time that I couldn’t spend on biking I spent on making this track right there.

Small Town Octobers are great, let me tell ya. The nostalgia after the Summer is usually done and dealt with by the end of September, which, by the way, has the unpleasant, unfortunate role of being the sadsack of the year by introducing us to often sudden temperature drop, as the Holidays end and Fall is just around the corner. Personally, I don’t mind September that much, but the problem that I do have with it is that it’s neither Summer anymore, nor is it just yet Autumn.

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Song: After Dark

Living in my home-for-the-rest-of-the-year for past two weeks now, I’ve become somewhat desperate to find places in this big city that would give me any sense of… not being in a city. It’s bloody hard to get out of here without a car, so the best I can do if take nice long walks through parks, of which there is plenty. There’s one in particular that I like.

But first, it just happened to be Friday the 13th today, when I’m posting this song, for which I meant to be creepy, mysterious, and unsettling in a way. It’s just a lucky coincidence, that’s all.

So, the park. For starters, it has an irregular shape, with a lot of cuts and bends, and it sort of “twists” in one place too. What I want to say, is that it’s really freaking easy to get lost in that park. Not necessarily get stuck in there unable to find a way out, but if you spend there some time and you finally walk out, there’s at least eighty percent chance that you end up not on the side of the park you thought you’re going towards.

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Song: Cybermen Poem

Too excited to wait any longer. Last time I mentioned I’m okay with posting Crystalline because I no longer think it’s my absolute best work, one that I won’t top no matter what. So naturally, what comes now is the favorite track of mine, Cybermen Poem.

Robotic, sure, electronic, sounds about right, but first and foremost melodic. That’s what I had in mind, and I hope that’s how it feels like to anyone who might just happen to listen to it somehow.

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Song: Crystalline

You know, I like making music, simply because it’s fun, it’s relaxing, and every once in a while I make a track that I end up really liking. Like this one.

To be honest, I had it ready for some time. I didn’t upload it until now, because being the drama queen I am, I was afraid that I might be unwilling to upload anything after that, since I think this might be the best song I ever made. Fortunately, I no longer think so. I mean, it’s still great, I think/hope so, but I have something I consider even better along the way. So, without further ado, I present to you: “Crystalline”.

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